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John Howard Memo

Howard memo

Above is a photo copy of a John Howard memo (Bush's environmental advisor), dated January 14, 1997. The text of the memo is detailed below. Here is an image of the original memo which is readable. The gif image of the memo is 21kb.

This memorandum in intended to be only for the addressee. It is intended to be privileged and confidential. The privledges claimed include, but are not limited to, claims of Attorney-Client Privilege, Attorney Work-Product Privilege, and the Internal Memorandum Exception to the Texas Public Information Act.
TO: George W. Bush
THROUGH: Vance McMahan
FROM: John Howard
DATE: January 14, 1997
RE: Grandfathered Air Emission Sources
The TNRCC has convened two meetings with a broad group of industry representatives in the last 6 weeks to discuss how best to address grandfathered air emission sources. Remember that, although they are unpermitted, at least some grandfathered sources have installed some emission controls as required by certain federal and state rules.

Industry has expressed concern that the TNRCC is moving too quickly and may rashly seek legislation this session. Most in the industry group do not want to define the goal (incentives and possible emission controls) before learning more about the (grandfathered sources' current emissions and controls and their impact on public health). Various industry groups have agreed to gather information from grandfathered sources about their particular emissions and controls. The TNRCC has agreed to determine the public health impact of a random selection of grandfathered sources.

Sen. Buster Brown (chair of the of the Senate Natural Resources Committee) may be willing to propose a joint resolution that (1) would authorize the TNRCC to gather information from all grandfathered sources about their emissions and controls and (2) would authorize a task force, appointed by the governor and possibly others, to determine for the next session whether grandfathered sources should have additional controls and, if so, how best to encourage those controls. I think we should support this option.

I will continue to monitor this issue and keep you updated. Please let me know if you have any questions.

cc: Terral Smith

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