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Meet Josh Schonborn

Josh Schonborn This is Josh Schonborn. Josh is 12 years old and he suffers from asthma. He's one of the hundreds of thousands of Texas schoolchildren affected by polluting industry. Josh spoke before the Texas House of Representatives Environmental Regulation Committee about how pollution is affecting the quality of his life.

Josh is shown in this picture with the dozens of medications he has to take daily and a respirator that he also needs to survive.

Watch a QuickTime movie clip of an interview with Josh done by a Dallas TV station.

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The smaller clip is 1.8MB and is lower resolution than the higher resolution clip which is 3.2MB. Go to Apple's QuickTime download page if you need to get the plug-in for your browser.

Hear Josh's testimony before Texas House of Representatives Environmental Regulation Committee. This committee meeting occurred on March 29, 1999.

You can use Apple's QuickTime version 4.0 to hear the sound file of the testimony, or you can use WinAmp if you have a PC or MacAmp/MaCast if you have a Macintosh or the RealPlayer if you have either.

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