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Facilities Meeting
June 19, 1997

Meeting agenda

Above is a photo copy of the meeting agenda. The text of the agenda is detailed below.

Here is an scanned image of the original agenda which is readable. The gif image of the agenda is 14kb.

And here is a list of the invited attendees, and the industry letter that brought them to the meeting.

If you would like more information on other documents on these secret meetings please contact the SEED Coalition at (512) 479-7744.

DATE: Thursday. June 19, 1997
TIME: 2pm - 5pm
LOCATION: Exxon Building. 800 Bell Street, Room 4220, (map enclosed) Check in at the guard's desk in the main floor lobby
PURPOSE: Review efforts to date to develop a voluntary program to permit grandfathered facilities in Texas and discuss next steps. including development of specific plans for the program.
2:00 Welcome and introductions - Bill Flis, Exxon and Craig Gordy, Marathon
2:15 Background leading to development of concept paper - Bill Flis, Exxon and John Howard, Office of the Governor
2:45 Explanation of concept paper (attached) Bill Flis, Exxon and Craig Gordy, Marathon
3:15 Proposed organizational structure for detail program design - Troy Vickers, Amoco
3:45 Roundtable discussion of issues - All
4:45 Assign action items and meeting wrap-up
6:00 Adjourn meeting
See fax cover sheet for distribution list (list of attendees)


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