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Industry Letter June 11, 1997

Offices of V. G. Beghini and A. L. Condray

Exxon Marathon letter

Above is a photo copy of the industry letter written to the invited attendees and sent out by the Exxon and Marathon offices on June 11, 1997.

Here is an scanned image of the original letter which is readable. The gif image of the letter is 29kb.

Here is the agenda for the meeting that occurred on June 19, 1997.

If you would like more information on other documents on these secret meetings please contact the SEED Coalition at (512) 479-7744

The text of the invitation letter, pictured above appears below.

Offices of V. G. Beghini and A. L. Condray
June 11, 1997
To: Attached Distribution List
RE: - Grandfathered Facilities in Texas
In 1971 the State Legislature amended the clean Air Act. A provision of the amendment allowed facilities that were operating or under construction to be exempted from the permitting requirements mandated by the Act and its subsequent revisions. These exempted facilities became known as "grandfathered facilities" and many still exist today. While many of these facilities are subject to emission control requirements designed to improve air quality, this is not widely understood.

In early March, while discussing the National Ambient Air Quality Standards Issue with Governor Bush, he asked us to work with his office to develop the concepts of a voluntary program to permit grandfathered facilities in Texas. At his request, we have developed the concepts of a voluntary program. The process has now evolved to a point where we need to include other companies having significant grandfathered facilities to encourage their participation in developing this program. You are invited to participate.

To facilitate your company's involvement, we have arranged a meeting to review efforts to date and to discuss the next steps which will include working with the State to develop specific plans for the program. The presentations and discussions will target operating or environmental managers with policy responsibilities. Details of the meeting are attached.

House Bill 3019 and the associated debate from the recent legislative session indicate that our state law makers are ready to end grandfathering. This voluntary program will be an excellent opportunity to influence the manner in which grandfathered facilities are permitted. Your involvement and that of your company are important in this effort. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,
V. G. Beghini A. L. Condray
Marathon Oil Company Exxon Company, USA
cc: Governor George W. Bush

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