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Endangered Species Progam Performance Report for 1998

Performance Report

Above is a photo copy of a TPWD Endangered Species Progam Performance Report for 1998. The text of the report is detailed below.

Below are links to the scanned images of the original report which are readable.

Page 1, Page 2.

The Page 1 jpg image is 28kb and Page 2 is 149kb.


As Required by



Grant No. E-10

Endangered and Threatened Species Conservation

Project No. 77: An Incentive Program for Rare and Species Conservation on Private Lands in Texas

Prepared by: Peggy Horner

Texas Parks & Wildlife

John Herron Andrew Sansom
Program Director,
Wildlife Diversity
Exective Director

November 30, 1998

(Relevant excerpt from second page of performance report)

Limpia Creek Black Hawk Project: The goal of this two year project is to restore native riparian woodlands along Limpia Creek in Jeff Davis county. this is being accomplished by 1) removing debris from the creek bank, (2) restoring three small pools (< acre) to concentrate amphibious prey for black hawks, and (3) planting native cottonwood trees to replace dead and dying mature trees which are not naturally regenerating due to flash flooding. The landowner has met and in some cases exceeded the project goals for the first year. The immediate nesting area has been fenced, 20 native cottonwoods have been planted, cattle have been removed from the area, and the three pools have been created and are being used by the black hawks. In addition, the landowner has seeded the creek bank with native erosion resistant grasses. The nesting black hawks fledged two young this year. The landowner is currently continuing work on the trails and observation blinds which will be used by visitors to view the hawks from a distance, thus minimizing disturbance to the nesting pair. TPWD and the landowner plan to publish a pamphlet on the ecology and management of the black hawk in this area.

Limpia Creek Supporting Documents

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