Hudspeth county Merco

Sludge Registration No. 710565
MERCO Joint Venture
Issued Date : March 31, 1999

Sludge Registration 710565

Above is a photo copy of page 1 of Sludge Registration No. 710565, issued to MERCO Joint Venture, LLC issued on March 31, 1997. The text of the first page is detailed below.

Here is an scanned images of the registration which are readable.

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  This amendment supersedes renewal registration issued on May 28, 1997 and replaces all prior registrations for beneficial land use site Registration No. 710565.
P.O. BOX 13087
Austin, Texas 787-3087


II. Sludge Registration issued to:
Site Operator Landowner
MERCO Joint Venture, LLC
2200 Classen Boulevard, Suite 720
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106
Sierra Blanca Ranch Associates, L.P.
2200 Classen Boulevard, Suite 720
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106
III. Sludge Site: The sludge will be beneficially land applied on approximately 78,500 acres within approximately 102,555-acre site. This site is located adjacent to and adjoins both sides of the Farm-to-Market Road 1111, beginning approximately 2 miles north of Sierra Blanca, and thence approximately 5 miles east and 6 miles west of Farm-to-Market Road 1111 in Hudspeth County, Texas (see Attachment A). The specific boundaries of the registered application site are described in the Metes and Bounds submitted with the application for registration (See Attachment B).
IV. Authorization: Domestic wastewater treatment plant sludge products only.
The registration and authorization contained herein shall expire at midnight May 28, 2002.
ISSUED DATE: MAR 31 1999 Darrell Williams, Manager
Agriculture/Sludge Section (MC 158)
Water Quality Division

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