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The Texas Toxic Tour is a project of Texas Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility - Texas PEER - an organization of public employees who are concerned with Texas's environmental policies.

Alarmed that Texas now ranks number one in many categories of pollution, Texas PEER has responded by developing a multi-media web site chronicling the state's environmental degradation.

Over the next six months, the Texas PEER web site will feature stories from the people who know them best, the people of Texas living their lives next to the chemical plants, sludge dumps, toxic waste sites, and polluting industries that litter this state.

The Texas Toxic Tour web site will feature over two dozen video and audio interviews with accompanying text, available in various formats for viewing.

ToxicThe red skull and crossbones icon on the Texas Toxic Tour map indicates an active tour site. Additional sites will become active on a regular schedule.

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Welcome to Toxic Texas

Tour Stops:
  1. Elf Atochem: Pollution Giant
  2. Sea Turtles Dying On The Texas Coast
  3. Special Deals for Alcoa Aluminum, Texas' Largest Grandfathered Polluter
  4. Fouling the Air at TXI
  5. Uranium Mining Pollution near the King Ranch
  6. Dumping on the Rio Grande in Laredo
  7. Kelly Air Force Base: San Antonio's Dumping Ground
  8. The "Odessa Syndrome" - Environmental Racism in Odessa, Texas
  9. Big Bend: Air Pollution Threatens Texas' Majestic Landscape
  10. Corpus Christi's Refinery Row
  11. Erath County's Booming Dairy Industry Pollutes Texas' Waterways
  12. Corporate Chicken Empire Saturates East Texas with Pollution
  13. Corporate Hog Farming in the Panhandle
  14. Environmental Injustice in Beaumont Texas
  15. Sierra Blanca, the Nation's Largest Sewage Dump
  16. PANTEX: Pollution in the Panhandle
  17. WCS and Bush
  18. Ingram ReadyMix
  19. Big Pollution Problems at "Big Sam"


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Toxic Texas


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